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If you’re looking for a plant and planter combination that you can’t find on our online shop, please reach out to us on our number 9987111443 or drop us a mail at You can share the screenshot of the plant that you would want, along with the photo of the planter. We will be happy to put together the combination of your choice. You may also request for plants which are not featured on our web-site and we will try our best to arrange it, if it is within our product offerings.


Pot Selection: We offer a range of premium hand-crafted planters in different materials & shapes.


Plant Selection: Choose from a variety of indoor plants including air-purifiers, succulents & ornamental foliage plants.


We also provide indoor plants & planters for homes, offices & other spaces. Please let us know your specific requirement and we will get back to you with our offerings. We offer bulk discounts for larger orders.


*The dispatch time for  customized orders may be longer than other products, as we endeavor to ship only the freshest plants and sourcing them may take longer at times. We will keep you informed of the expected date of dispatch.

** Some items are available for delivery only within Bangalore because of their bulky or fragile nature. We will let you know which products are available for delivery to your location.

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