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Styling your Home with Plants

The concept of green living has been catching up in the past few years and it’s safe to say that it’s not just a fad or a passing trend, but rather a way of living that people are keenly embracing. In a fast-changing world, where forests are slowly being taken over by concrete jungles, the new generation of millennials is acutely conscious of the fact that we are losing touch with nature. We spend most of our time at home, in closed office spaces, or in the confines of a vehicle as we travel around. Hence the concept of bringing the outdoors in, is gaining favour. Plants are slowly becoming an integral element of home décor, just like lighting and furniture.

In addition to just looking pretty, plants also help in keeping the air clean, increasing indoor humidity and promoting a more stress-free lifestyle. It is also a joyous and fulfilling experience to watch a living thing grow and thrive in your care at home. While most people love the idea of having plants around, many have apprehensions about the care required or the space requirements for plants at home. So here are a few tips and ideas on how you can integrate plants in your decor, with ease and style.

Indoor Plants

Don’t let space restrict you

Don’t have a garden or balcony? That shouldn’t stop you from keeping plants. Indoor plants can create a garden experience, right inside the house. For people with small houses, there are many ways of keeping plants, apart from just on the floor. Hanging planters can be hung near windows or in corners with trailing plants. Wall planters can help you display your plants in a unique way, and also utilize the empty vertical spaces in the house.

Indoor Plants on Shelf

Choose the right plants

Don’t get bogged down by the idea that plants need a lot of care and maintenance, and a sunny spot to survive. There are many indoor plants that require watering only once a week, and grow well in low-light conditions as well. Plants such as Peperomia, Zamia, Money plant, Syngonium, Peace lily, Snake plant etc are great for indoor spaces. Succulents are also a good choice for people who travel a lot, as they require minimum watering and are fairly immune to pests.

Choose unconventional spots for plants

Indoor plants need not be confined to just your living rooms. Create an element of surprise by placing some in your bathroom or kitchen or by your bedside or dresser. There are many plants which do well in high humidity and low-light areas. Ferns, peace lilies and philodendrons are good choices.

Thorny Affair Metal Planters

Make a statement with beautiful planters

Look for interesting planters that match with the theme of décor in your house. Experiment with different materials, such as ceramic planters, metal planters or wooden ones. You can even opt for hand-crafted macramé planters for hanging plants. A combination of plants in planters of different materials can often lend a very charming look to a space. Stick to natural materials, though, to keep it classy.

Thorny Affair Succulent Dish Garden

Create a mini-landscape with a dish-garden or terrarium

Put together your favourite succulents in a flat ceramic planter to create a dish-garden with desert feels. Or a closed glass terrarium to recreate a mini-rainforest in your very own living room. You can add a personal touch by decorating these mini landscapes with rocks, shells, driftwood and other treasures collected during your travels.

Interior Styling with Plants

Utilize empty corners

Use empty corners to add life to the house. Place a big, foliage plant on the floor and a pretty wall art and instantly add a dash of colour to bare corners.

Get creative with some DIY

Look for interesting containers, baskets and empty bottles around the house and use your creativity to recycle them and turn them into interesting pieces to house your greens. Empty wine bottles make for classy vases for hydroponic plants. Old baskets, lined with a gunny sack can be used to grow herbs. Used coffee mugs are great for growing succulents and look really cute on desks and shelves.

Green up your shelves

Place small planters with plants on book shelves and study tables. Research has proven that plants can improve concentration by calming the mind even when we just look at them. Succulents and small plants like Syngonium work well in such spaces. Trailing plants such as money plants and English Ivy also look great kept on a higher ledge. You can use any elevated spot, even the top of the refrigerator, for such plants.

Photo Credits: Pinterest

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