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Handcrafted with love  and care, our ceramic incense burners are a stunning addition to your home, creating a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and reflection. These unique pieces also make for thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression. 
This beautiful piece has a unique and innovative design where the ashes from your agarbatti are safely deposited at the base while the perforated body ensures that you experience the fragrance of your incense without worrying about messy ash residue. The sticks are firmly held in place upside down, in a hole on the under side of the lid, which can hold upto 3 sticks at a time. It also prevents the incense stick from burning out too fast as it protects them from breeze. This piece is the perfect companion for your daily prayer rituals, yoga and meditation practise or simply to create serene, fragrant ambience at home, without any worries and hassles.
Unlike mass-produced factory-made ceramics, each of these pieces is hand-made in small batches  by the ceramic artists right in their backyard home-studios in South Indian villages, with locally sourced clay. 

Ceramic Incense Stick Stand |Turquoise

  • Ceramic

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